The Piou-piou Kids Club and the Gommie Rider Club
are located opposite the ESF, right on the piste. The premises are at walking distance on the way to the child care center. The path is clear of snow.

The private lessons start and end at the Garibeuil piste, opposite the ESF.

The Kids group lessons start at the top of the Garibeuil, that you can get to either by ski or by car via the Route du Garibeuil. The Kids group lessons finish at the bottom of the Garibeuil, in an environment dedicated to children at the departure station of the lift.

Group and Snowboard classes for adults
start at the bottom of the Garibeuil for beginners and at the top of the Garibeuil for classes 1 upwards.They end at the bottom of the Garibeuil.