Advice to parents
Texte d'introduction
Please read our Terms and Conditions before your booking.

In order to maintain the high ESF standards and to guarantee you the perfect holiday, please comply with the following rules. The smooth running of the lessons depends on both the instructor and yourself.

  • Always be early at the gathering points which are shown on your course sheet . 
  • Always keep your course sheet handy. You might be requested to produce it evenbefore private lessons
  • The lift passes are not included in the price of the lessons but compulsory for all courses above the 1st star grade as well as for private lessons (Under 5 year old kids do not need to pay but still need a pass to be able to access the lifts).Your badge should be visible on the left side of your jacket to speed up getting to the lift.
  • Booking a course should only be considered for self-sufficient children who will not be under the sole dependance of the instructor. The child will have to be able to take care of his own safety.

Do not omit to dress up your child according to the weather conditions (cold or warm).

  • Our offer does not include any equipment. Kids will attend the lessons with their own equipment (skis and shoes). No poles needed before the 1st Star preparation courses.
  • Whatever your ski level, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.

Important information:

  • Programmes and timetables are occasionally subject to modification during the season by ESF.
  • Despite the fact that weather conditions or ski lift breakdowns might interrupt the lessons, no claims will be handled for reasons beyond our control and no reimbursement will be made.
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  • Tel : +33 (0)4 93 02 51 20