Frequently asked questions

  • My child is 7 years old and never skied, which group should they join?
They should join Club Piou-Piou, in the Nounours group: 6-10 years old, never skied before.

  • My child is 12 years old and never skied, which group should they join?
They should join the teens/adults beginner group lessons.

  • How should I dress my child for skiing lessons? Is the equipment provided?
The equipment is not provided in our services. Children need to come equipped (skis and boots) to the lessons. Ski poles are not required for lessons before the 1ère étoile. Wearing a ski helmet is highly recommended, whatever your level.

  • Do I need to buy a lift pass to join ski lessons?
Ski lift passes are not included in the lessons' rates and is compulsory for lessons from the première étoile onward and for private lessons (children under 5 years old don't need to pay for the lift pass but they do need one to access the lift passes).
Your need to put your lift pass in the left pocket of your jacket to ease the passage through the controls of each ski lift.
Lessons within the Club Piou Piou don't require a ski lift pass.

  • Do I need to print the receipt or lessons' card?
No, you just need to show it on your smartphone at the beginning of the lesson, instructors will take the register by reading the list of students written on their smartphone.

  • Where should I leave my child for their lessons?

The Club Pioupiou an the Club Goomie rider are located in front of the esf on the pistes. You can access it on foot by following the path leading to the crèche. Access road cleared of snow.

Private lessons, begin and end at the start of the Garibeuil pistes, right in front of the esf.

Children group lessons, begin at the top of the Garibeuil, you can access it whether by skis, by car by following the Garibeuil road, or by foot by buying a pedestrian pass for the moving walkway at the ski lift ticket office.

Adult Snowboarding lessons
begin at the bottom of the Garibeuil for beginners and at the top of the Garibeuil from the classes 1 levels onward. They end at the bottom of the Garibeuil.

Children group lessons end at the bottom of the Garibeuil, in an enclosed space provided for this purpose.

  • Can I cancel my lessons and get a refund?
Please consult our general conditions of sales.

  • From which level does my child need ski poles?
Ski poles are required from the 1ère étoile preparation onward.