Lessons forLittle ones ages 3 - 5

Discovering the thrills of sliding!
Club Piou Piou First glides from age 3

First slides

In our Piou Piou Club, children will learn to slide around on skis to follow Piou Piou and his friends in their adventures!
Garolou group I have the Sifflote medal

I acquired the Sifflote medal

Has your child already experienced their first slides and acquired the sifflote? They will progress with an experienced esf Valberg-Beuil instructor who will train them for the Ourson.
Ourson & Flocon lessons I got at least the Garolou

I acquired the Garolou medal

Once your child acquired the Garolou, their progress continues in the Club Pioupiou, they will be part of a dynamic and fun group of children sharing a similar age and level on specially designed pistes.
Star ski lessons I have the Flocon, I ski on slopes

I acquired the Flocon, I refine my technique and get started on the regular pistes.

Our esf Valberg-Beuil instructors will allow your child to reach for the stars and learn new skiing techniques while skiing on the regular slopes of our ski area.
Club Goomie Rider Snowboard from age 5

Snowboard from the age of 5

The 5 year olds get a taste of the unique sensations of snowboarding by joining esf Valberg-Beuil's Gommie Rider Club.
Private lessons 1 hour or 2 hours

1 or 2 hours

To gently learn on the beginner slopes with our friendly Valberg-Beuil esf instructors.